"Don't dig up in doubt what you planted in faith." - Elisabeth Elliot

When I started my journey as an entrepreneur there were so many things that terrified me.  What if I invested in the wrong tools or training?  What if I chose to work with the wrong client?  What if all the time I spent doing something didn't pay off?  I think we all deal with those fears.  I'm here to share my story and encourage you to let those seeds grow.  Your business will bloom if you give it time, encouragement, & community.

How I Rock Being a Boss & a Mom With Just My iPhone

If I said I’m busy iPhone networking would you know what I’m talking about?  I run a freelance digital marketing business that provides a 2nd full time income for our household.  The majority of the networking part of my business happens on the phone while I’m hanging out with my toddler.  It’s a beautiful thing.  Honestly,…

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My Journey From Daycare to Digital Marketing

Working from home has always been like this unattainable dream for me.  I tried to freelance in graphic and web design back in 2007 and made a few hundred dollars, but nothing consistent enough to replace a full time job.  So I held down my job at the local credit union and thought, maybe someday…

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“Because of Beth, my small business has an online presence I’m proud of. You won’t find anyone as dedicated and thorough to a task as she is. LOVE her, and highly recommend any of her services.”  - Macy Lane, Pioneer Artisanworks

"Working with Beth revolutionized my ability to produce amazing content for my readers. She’s a hawk-eyed editor and gives valuable notes. From emails to blog posts and sales pages—with Beth on my team I can publish with confidence.” ​  - Natalie Gowen, Moxie Tonic
"Beth is the light of my life. Is that weird? Probably. But, seriously, she is one of the best parts of my business. It wouldn’t run anywhere near as smoothly without her.”  - Miranda Nahmias, The VA Collective